Me being an unoriginal bastard.  

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9/24/2005 10:44 am

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Me being an unoriginal bastard.

A list I thought I'd play with. Bless mzhunyhole.

A..Age ya got your first kiss..11

B..Band ya are listening to right now..Mozart

C..Crush..Alyssa Milano

D..Dad's name..It's my name too (I'm the fourth).

E..Easiest person to talk to..myself

F..Favorite Band..Pantera

G..Gummy worms or gummy bears..the bears

H..Hometown..Portland & Pendleton, OR

I..Instruments{play any?}..The Love Button.

J..Junior High..which one, there were 5 of them between 5th and 9th?


L..Longest car ride..Portland to San Fran, & back. Stayed in the car the whole time, took a day & 1/2.

M..Moms name..JoAnn


O..One wish..That I make a difference.

P..Phobias..Heights (except in an airplane, go figure)

Q..Quotes.."If you are what you eat, I could be you in the morning." Unknown

R..Reason to smile..Because things could be worse.

S..Song{yours}..5 Minutes Alone - Pantera

T..Time you wake up..10:20 pm. I work graveyard.

U..Unknown fact about me..I raise flying monkeys.

V..Vegetable you hate..brussel sprouts.

W..Worst habit..overanalyze things, and correcting people.

X..XRays you've had..everywhere.

Y..Yummiest foods..Steak, my desserts

Z..Zodiac sign..Leo

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