Just to say howdy  

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12/7/2005 3:24 pm

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Just to say howdy

Hey folks, long time, no say something.

I've been in and out, and really haven't had much to say. It's not a cat got your tongue thing, it's just me being quiet.

I'm not going to re-up this time around. Same reason as last time - with only one person talked to on a semi-regular basis since I subscribed, and no responses whatsoever from anyone it seems, it just doesn't make sense to keep sinking money into a bottomless hole. I still have the blog, so you'll get to hear from me every now and then. But as far as it goes, I'd get more action out of the bar if I actually wanted to go to one.

But I'm putting things together. The bed will be coming by the end of the year (flat black frame). Having a hell of a time finding the sheets, comforter, and what not that I want.

Question #1: How do you feel about satin sheets? I'm talking the feel against your skin, whether it is tacky or not, etc.

Question #2: What's the difference between a duvet and comforter?

Three colors - black, purple, and green - are my personal options. I found the duvet I wanted, but they don't have it anymore - purple block border with white interior. I would prefer forest green, but NO ONE (I've looked at Macy's, JCPenney, Nordstroms, Sears, and a couple others) has anything close to what I want. It is frustrating me immensely. I want either purple or green for the sheets and pillowcases. Finding dark green sheets (400tc and up) has proven difficult - all they've got is puke and lime.

Anyway, I might say more later.

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