It's not your typical topic.  

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10/31/2005 11:02 am

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It's not your typical topic.

Folks, I can say alot today, so I will.

#1: Thank you to everyone who reads these. I hope you enjoy the posts. I know I don't discuss my sexual conquests (if I went out and got some more often), but that's not my style. I talk about the things that are affecting me, whether it be politics, the people around me, or the flying midgets. If I see a good looking woman, I'll let you know (like the oriental girl from a few weeks back, yummy). But if I want to talk about non-sexual related stuff, I will. Hopefully, you find what I say halfway interesting.

#2: If you want to comment, please do so. Even if you want to tell me I'm full of it, and need a life, at least let me know. Staying silent isn't going to get things done. And besides, I'd like to hear a different voice once in a while. It gives a different perspective, which we all could use from time to time.

#3. I am a homebody. I'll go out if I'm with someone, or someone invites me to a party, but for the most part, I'm more comfortable at home. I know how to cook - how does a German Chocolate Cheesecake sound? Taking care of household responsibilities are no big deal. Although I seem to have a problem with lawn care. It's not that I don't enjoy socializing, I just don't feel like doing it most of the time. Probably because I'm a bit anti-social. It comes with seeing just how special many members of humanity are, and not wanting anything to do with them. Is it wrong to say that I wish Dahmer was still alive so he could eat the stupid people (by the time he got done, he'd need Jenny Craig, or at least be the spokesman for the Atkins Diet)? I can't stand most of humanity - it makes me sick. We, as a species, are so far away from where we need to be, and I wonder if we'll reach it before we kill ourselves off.

#4. I feel more like a machine than a human. An odd comment, but honest. Logic and reason are my guiding lights, although I can be emotional, it is rare to see me that way (except when I play Madden). It is all about goals, achievements, accomplishments. Measuring myself, against myself, and seeing how I did that day. So when I look at myself, I see a man, with a mentality more like a machine - unending, unforgiving, unrelenting. Get the job done, move onto the next; make sure nothing gets in the way. I should probably reword this whole paragraph, but I'll leave it as is.

Trying to think of something to say now, and it's not coming to me.

Anyway. When it asks for your length of tool, I put average. My understanding is that average is in the 6"-8" range. For thickness, I put thick. It's close to 2 inches across, so if that isn't thick, oh well.

I masturbated right before I went to work last night. It had been a couple days since last masturbating. I'm slacking off I guess.

In fact, I think I'll pop in a porn and relax before I go to sleep. I haven't watched Debbie Does Dallas in a while. Funny how it always comes back to the classics. First porn I ever watched. Good plot too.

I could say so much more, but I don't feel like it now. Maybe later tonight after I wake up.

Halloween night, and I'll probably stay home. I have 30 to last me until Friday, so no partying tonight. I do have a bottle of gin and rum, but, alas, no one to share it with.

Oh well, on to the porn. Woohoo!!!! Spank spank spank.

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