It's Friday . . continued.  

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9/23/2005 4:55 pm

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It's Friday . . continued.

Got food. mmmm. . . toasty.

Deciding to give up on a couple of vices. Irritates me that I haven't done so sooner, but it is time.

Getting to work on the goals I have put forth for myself. Get my ass back down to the low 160's. Tired of hovering in the late 180's to mid 190's.

Stat I got out of a book: for every 35lbs a man is overweight, he loses half an inch. Gives you incentive to get on the treadmill, doesn't it?

Anyway, back to what I was thinking earlier.

Politics can be a minefield if you are not careful. Think about it. If you are a right-winger, you are persecuted by the left, vice versa. If you are the middle grounder, you get it from both sides.

Now, let's say you get into a discussion with someone from the opposite end of the spectrum. The two of you are presenting various point, some educated, some not. Neither one of you are making an impact on each other, so you reach a stalemate. Each one then seeks out a moderate to try and verify their opinion as the correct one. If the moderate identifies with one side, the other is the victor, the other is a loser. Well, if that moderate splits 50-50 both ways, guess what - no winner, no loser. (My nuts itched, felt good to scratch them.) The moderate does a service; it keeps the two sides better grounded in reality. It keeps them connected & balanced. But when neither side realizes, or wants to recognize, that there is a middle ground, that's when the moderate is beat down.

It sucks to be the moderate, but someone has to do it.

You know what I want right now. A face sitting. A woman (of the clean & human variety), to take a seat, so I can eat. That's what I really crave. Fuck this Quizzno's, give me some pussy.

Hmmm. mental blank. kick ass.

You know, if you liked red wine, you could have some with me.

And, BTW, say something. You never know what you may find until you ask what's there.

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