In a perfect world, pt. 1  

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2/20/2006 9:18 am

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In a perfect world, pt. 1

What would a perfect world be like, compared to our own?

. . . there would not be a need for labor unions. The employees would have as much say, collectively, and as much pull as those at the top. Pay scale would be based on their skill level, and their worth.

. . . abortions wouldn't exist. Pregnancy would occur at either marriage, or to people committed (polygamy, open marriages, and whatnot) to one another. No one before 25 would have children, to allow themselves to better themselves, and become financially stable before taking on the huge responsibility of children.

. . . organized religion wouldn't exist. When it comes down to it, nothing is responsible for more deaths throughout history, than religion. From war, to disease (cleanliness wasn't next to godliness back then people), to poverty, Holocaust, the Middle East b.s.; you name it. Now, if you wanted to have a superstition, go for it, but keep it to yourself. And sure as hell don't inflict it upon others. Because the moment two people get together to compare beliefs, a competition to see who's beliefs are better almost always ensues. Basically, as George Carlin put it, "My God has a bigger dick than your God!"

Religion can be a good breeding ground for ignorance. Scientific advancements, particularly astronomy, were severely stunted due to religion during the middle part of the last millenium. Hell, it took Columbus to prove to the deeply religous Europeans that the planet wasn't square, even though most cultures (including the Scandanavians) figured that out long ago.

. . . no crime would exist. If everyone is being educated, if everyone has decent paying jobs that afford them a decent quality of life, then it gives no one a reason to steal. Anyone that does, in the beginning of the reforms, is severely disciplined (if it takes a death penalty, so be it.) Once you start punishing criminals beyond the crime, they realize that it becomes counterproductive to be a criminal if they know for some minor they do, something major will be done to them.

What's cruel and unusual punishment? If someone steals a lollipop at a childs age, I don't think the iron maiden (not the band you twits) would be necessary; a spanking will do. But if you're 25, or 30, and you're stealing cars (or something of that nature), you should know better. Then, some medieval torture devices might do the trick (another proud advancement thanks to religion btw).

Like I said, GIVE the criminals a reason to not be criminals. Give them an education, a decent job, and a punishment that DOES scare them, and crime will disappear.

I'll have more later.

Enjoy ppl.

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