If you think you know, you don't  

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11/9/2005 9:05 am

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If you think you know, you don't

I'm a little buzzed right now, because I've drank almost a whole bottle of Merlot (I still haven't developed a tasted for white yet, but I love red wine). I'm on my last glass now. I'm looking at it, debating how much I want to sip, or down it.

This last weekend has been uneventful. I got some work done. Busted my ass to get my housework done, but I didn't get the yard done, or the belts on my car done.

I'm listening to Chris Cornell's solo album (very good people). I've had it for a few years, and it still is one of my favorites.

I caught up with an old friend last night, and I almost wish I hadn't. I thought she had called me (it sure sounded like her, and my voicemail only tells me who it is after a thousand prompts (just exagerating, but god damn, do you need that many prompts to find out who actually called you?). I still wish I could've fucked her, just to find out if she was worth anything in bed.

If I was to describe her, it would be the stereotypical hippie chick. No direction, no definitive ideals. All philosophy, completely naive, absorbed by "God," but a decent human being. She was telling me about how she was going to see someone who I know (that I don't have a positive opinion about). I didn't want to say what I thought, but she kept pushing, so I finally told her. It was funny to see her reaction. Out of all the people who know him, nobody but her wants anything to do with him, theiving piece of trash. We caught up a little, she talked, I listened (which is me all the way), and then I put my thoughts out there. Not all of them though. I may be a realist, but that also means I know some things don't mesh well with others.

I wonder sometimes if I'm too jaded to be with someone. I know I'm not, and that I will eventually find someone to complement me, but like when I was younger, I'm either not seeing it, and/or not looking in the right places. Oh well, story of my life.

Trying to rewrite my profile, and, like always, I'm having issues. I always have trouble finding the right words at the specific moment, that would acurately describe everything, on both the male, and female ends, that pertains to the situation.

BTW, I like big words. I read the dictionary every so often, as a refresher. Learning is a key to life. The moment you stop learning, the moment your life ends, and existence begins. By existence, I mean the total stagnation of life, where everything is routine, nothing is noteworthy, and you continue on in the meaningless way that has dominated your life since . . .

Well, Chirs is done, time for some Mozart. That is another thing - I listen to almost every kind of music. The only types of music I don't listen to are gospel, religious (except for Christmas. Even though I am atheist, I still believe in the spirit of it), and modern country. I'll listen to new music, except for that one R&B song with Alvin (from Alvin & the Chipmunks) doing the intro. That song gets an instant turn-off.

Well, my skin feels somewhat numb. I finally finished the glass & bottle of wine. Feel much better now, thank you.

I put up a new poster on my wall. Got Half Baked up there now. I have the Crow, and B&B Do America up there so far. It gives me something happy to look at, to invigorate my spirit. Since there isn't a naked woman, spread eagle, with a dildo in her ass, and my dick in her pussy, I guess I'll do with what I have.

I love classical. I can't tell you the type of impact it has on my being. It is so peaceful, yet so emotional. So alive, yet so calming. Probably the only music I can rock to, while I feel like I'm at my center.

BTW, anyone watch the Terrel Owens press conference. What a fucking joke this guy is. He comes out, reads verbatim from a prepared statement, will have his agent answer ALL questions, and expect it will actually get him back in with the Eagles. Reminds me of a child that screwed up big time, and then makes a half-assed apology that is only mean to appease, not to reconcile. What an example of a worthless human being.

I still want to eat some pussy. I need practice, lol.

Anyway, what to do, what to do? If I had a place of my own (I live with a roommate), I wonder if I'd enjoy it more?

Anyway, I know I can say more, but I should cut myself off.

I have said it before - if you have a response to something I've said, say it. If you can't say what you think, you'll never get what you need done done.

Until later. Enjoy.

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