I want to get away  

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11/22/2005 2:18 am

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I want to get away

I woke up a little bit ago, and all I want to do right now is get in my car and drive. Not really going anywhere, but just go. I'm so sick of everything around - the town, the people, the bullshit - and I want to leave, now!

Somewhere to think. Somewhere that I can allow my mind to roam free, because the body is an inhibitive shell around a piece of technological wonder - the human brain.

The human brain is an organic computer, combining both analog and digital signal, with a storage center for both short and long term data, a high powered calculating device capable of performing thousand of calculations per second (but again, the shell's limitations). I almost wish I could take my mind out of my body, place it in a vessel (such as a cyborg), and be able to live forever. Wouldn't that be fun. I would have plenty of time to kill all the stupid people. Because they sure do need a cleaner on that one.

Anyway, part rant, part joke.

eahago - enjoy and have a good one.

As a woman, you have requirements for me:

#1: A brain. This doesn't mean you are intelligent, it more associates with common sense and knowledge. And I am tired of playing with mental rejects.

#2: A sex drive. Tired of women who say they want to go all night, and are full of it. Keep up with me, or you're done.

#3: Take care of yourself. I don't want you supermodel thin (eat something!), but it does mean that I don't want someone who is overly fat. I'm thinking 50+lbs overweight. Now, this is for me & you as lovers. As friends, not concerned about the weight.

That's what I need. Brain, sex drive, and body (in that order).

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