I do have a rant!!  

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2/16/2006 11:13 am

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I do have a rant!!

Ah, celebrity. Hell, ah, money.

It is amazing how much we revere celebrities. These are people who became famous for their looks, their acting, their sport skills; but very rarely does intelligence have anything to do with it.

I haven't said this before, but I'll say it now:

money does not make a person necessarily better or worse than when they were poor, it just amplifies their personality.

And we see it all the time. But it's put to us like it is the way to be. Constant drama, breaking up, and hooking up, money splurges that defy logic (a 20 thousand dollar engagement ring?) and reason. These people have so much money, and so much time on their hands.

Think about it. The highest paid actors are lucky to do more than one movie a year anymore. How often do we see Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, and the other $20m acting core in a movie? Once, maybe twice a year.

If you're only doing one movie, which takes a couple months to do, depending on how complicated the movie is, you will be spending so much time doing nothing, or taking up pet causes (like Pam, Harry, and other celebrities) that are made to put the spotlight back on a fading, and irrelevent career. There are those that do want to do good, but they are overshadowed by the fakers, the ones who only care about image, and not substance.

Personally, I think money is nice, but over-rated. And besides, at what point does the money you have become too much?

That question is aimed at the multibillionaires. I understand the goal is to make your life better, and to accumulate wealth to make life easier, but how much is too much?

Now, Bill just donated quite a bit of money to chairty (and it wasn't chump change for him that's for damn sure). Whether it was for publicity (as is the charge anymore), to appear contrite with all the issues facing Microsoft, or an actual gesture of good will & charity (which it probably was) is anyone's guess.

Oh, and one other piece of info that might interest you:

Did you know, during Shakespearean times, that actors were on the bottom rung of society. They were considered lower than prostitutes people.

My how the tables have turned. Well, when you think about it, these people are paid liars. They are pretending to be someone else for a period of time. Many of them are empty $5000 suits and jewelry. Substance, with many of them, is a foregone conclusion.

Anyway, enough. Later.

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