I'm thinking of a number between 6 and 9.  

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11/21/2005 1:33 am

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I'm thinking of a number between 6 and 9.

Ahhhh, the last day of work. My midgets are getting quite restless. I was thinking how much I am looking forward to December. I get paid three times (woohoo!!). Presents!!!

But most of all, snow. Because nothing makes my day like a 45 minute walk across town to go to work at 11pm at night. I could use the exercise. Having this gut here pisses me off. I'm down to 185, but it's not going away fast enough for my liking. Here's one good thing: my man titties are going away.

It has been pretty foggy here the last couple of days. It got below freezing one day, but not since.

On a sexual note. It amazes me that every sexual thought starts to get my dick hard. Sometimes I don't even need a sexual thought. I could be walking in Wal-Mart, checking out the motor oil, and boing. Damn thing has a mind of its own I swear.

Sexually bored. But where is there to go on a Monday night? The bed thing is going to be figured out today. Probably order it within a day or so after that. If anyone can find the zen bed from manhattan loft cheaper elsewhere, let me know. It has to be queen though. King would be nice, so let me know that too.

Here's an odd question. Are there any midgets on here? I'm curious about that one.

Anyway, eahago.

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