I'm on a mission now.  

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1/12/2006 3:22 pm

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I'm on a mission now.

As in Mission Macaroni. That stuff's tha shizzle!!!

Anyway. Saying howdy. Thought I'd fill up some space before I play some Warcraft and go back to sleep. Hate waking up early.

1. Preferable skin tones of females:
-oriental: It's a rare thing to not see an oriental woman I wouldn't mind fucking. Usually hard to find a fat one (usually if they've got white in the fam), unless in old age. Trim, tight, petite - love it. But, the one thing about them that is the killer: their face. Some of them are not very appealing at all, more like appalling. And I'm sorry, but if I need Chef's Pleasure Bag to have sex with you, chances are it isn't going to happen.
-black: From the darkest sister, to the lighter mama, there are a lot of bad ass black women. Whether it's the honest, in your face mentality, to the shapes, sizes (yes I like ass, but keep it in check. Don't need a place to sit my beer.). And can they shake that ass? Goddamnnnnnnnnnn!
-latina: Yeah, first thought for most of you is J.Lo. I hate that tramp personally. Salma Hayek will probably be my all time favorite until I die. Sexy, sexy, sexy. But please, stop outlining your lipstick with that black pencil; just doesn't work. One came close.
-white: And I even have likings in this group. Redhead and dark are tied (overall, because there are different items I like on the two). Blonde is a dead last. Probably because blonde is such a fake color for almost everyone who wears it. That and the dopey stereotype they have. Redheads are what they are - fiery. Dark haired has some mystery to her.

Remember folks, this is a preferential thing. When it comes right down to it, you, as a person, is what is most attractive. If your mind isn't up to snuff, I don't care how good looking you are. Basically, if you're Jessica "Chicken of the Sea" Simpson, AWAY!!!! I'll get the Bitch-Be-Gone spray for you.

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