Honesty is the best policy  

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4/18/2006 12:26 am

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Honesty is the best policy

Well, I have a few statements to make concerning the honesty (or lack thereof) that is so prevalent.

#1. If you can't tell the truth about your age, what else are you going to lie about? Ladies, your age is trivial. I know you put such great stock into it that you have to pretend to be younger (more often than not), but why is it necessary? Do you really think telling someone you're 23 or 24 when you are 28 or 29 is going to make me want you that much more? It is such a trivial thing, why lie about it? What's the point? Would you rather think of you as a girl instead of a woman? Do it make you feel better to think you are younger than you are?

Got news for you, if you can't be real about your age (believe me, I like them at most ages, as long as they're not jailbait, or old enough to be my mother (which is my age +18 )) , then you apparently like to live in fantasy land. Sorry, but I'm in the thick of reality, and it's a challenge. Fantasy land is boring to me.

#2. Where are you really? Came across this when I checked my messages tonight. A woman I've been talking to, has a location that states Pendleton. After a few emails, she tells me she's in another COUNTRY. Far the fuck away country.

I live out in the middle of butt-fucking nowhere Oregon people, with a minimum of an hour to get to a decent-sized town to do stuff in. The idea I might go to another state close by is possible, another country is out of the question. So telling me you live in the area, when you live in another country, immediate dismissal.

I don't have patience for bullshit like that.

If you can't manage a shred of honesty, don't waste my fucking time. I value my time, and I shall choose how to waste it, and how not to. NOT YOU!

So, in closing. If you can be upfront and honest, you got a chance. If you can't, there's the door. And don't let my foot hit you in the ass on the way out, or you were moving too slow.

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