Had to touch on this.  

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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7/23/2006 9:36 pm
Had to touch on this.

I'll hit on Hilary tomorrow. But first, I need to nail Pink to the wall, because she is a contradiction.

Ok, recently, she made comments on how women are being objectified in society, and by Hollywood establishment. How women are being made to be sex objects, and how looks and image are more important than quality music.

Flashback a decade (plus a few years). Women like Tori Amos, Sarah McLoughlin were making the same statements. We look at these two women as musical artists, who never use their looks or femininity to sell their records, but their actual talents as singers and songwriters. These women, and those like them, I do have respect for, because they're not mouthpieces or full of (bleep), but are true to themselves and others.

Now, I don't listen to Pink's music. Doesn't appeal to me. But I pay attention. And this woman has made comments about how hard she works to make herself look good. She walks around in outfits that would make Madonna proud.

Now, this seems to be a hypocritical thing to me. After all, if you are going to say women shouldn't have the focus on their looks, but on their talents, wouldn't it make sense to actually show talent, instead of your titties.

Wouldn't it also make sense to push ideas and issues that are relevant to such ideals that are espoused by yourself.

But what really set me off, I was just flipping through the channels, and passed by E!, and they were doing a true hollywood bit on her. Well, she was telling a story about how she got the name pink. She told one story, about Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs. Then, she stated how the name came to stick.

A buddy of hers kept pestering her to show him her pussy, because, according to him, he had never seen a pussy before. So, after much persistence, she showed it to him, to which he commented, "it's pink!"

This, folks, blew my mind. I sat there, speechless for a moment. I couldn't believe it. How could I?

Instead of getting him a Playboy, or showing him a porn, she lifts her skirt and gives him a gander. Can anyone try this, and would any female be naive enough to buy it?

A women, who puts herself out there, about how women should be looked at for their minds, not their bodies, yet is so weak minded that she shows her pussy to her friend because he pestered her enough to do it?!

I'm still flabbergasted about it. Because it just goes to show how much hypocracy there is on this one.

It is these kind of statements of stupidity that I can't have respect for.

Even a woman who's a slut, that makes no bones about it, I have more respect for than her. At least she's honest and real for what she does. She doesn't pretend to be a goody goody, she just goes down to the bar, gets drunk, and fucks a couple different guys. May not like what she's doing, but at least there's no bullshit there.

So Pink, how about getting educated, keeping your opinions to yourself until you figure out your own opinion, or stop acting as a mouthpiece for someone else, and just realize you are one stupid female, an ignorant female, and just perform music that some people like.

And if you feel the need to speak your (vacant) mind, please let us know so we can hit mute, and not allow ourselves to be a party to your flagrant display of your ignorance and stupidity.

But please, one favor, I haven't seen a pussy in a couple years, can you show me yours?

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