Guess what?!  

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7/8/2006 8:54 pm
Guess what?!

I found a spot online to buy the Atari 5200 console, plus games & accessories for it. Kick Ass!!!!!

For those of you who are too young to remember, the Atari 5200 was a console from the early 80's that was truly revolutionary. At the time, it took video games to a new level.

Although by today's standards, the graphics are basic and simple, back then, the only way to get better was to buy an arcade machine. If you can get past the "primitive" graphics, it is a blast to play.

The 5200 was also the first to use a true analog controller. The problem with the controllers is that they were prone to severe wear and tear under normal usage, and had a rep for breaking under normal useage. Later in the consoles life, Atari had the problems fixed, but too little, too late.

The games are simple, yet fun. Imagine taking all the ridiculous amount of complications they build into games now adays, and stripping it down to basics. Fav games include:

Space Dungeon - Using two controllers simultaneously (a plastic connector to join them), with one for directional firing, the other for movement, you go through 99 levels (good luck!), collecting treasure, shooting bad guys (spaceships), and hunting down a thief who takes the treasure you leave behind. Increasing in difficulty on each level, as well as getting more valuable treasure, your whole goal is to survive. Fun!

Wizard of Wor - as one site described, "imagine Doom in 2-D." A 1 or 2 player game that is gives you a challenge, with three variety of normal monsters to kill (two of them are invisible until they are in close proximity), a Worlock, which gives you double points on the next level if killed, and the Wizard, which pops up in random spots in the maze. The levels change, with the hardest level being a completely open field to fight through a ton of monsters. Good luck! BTW, if you play 2 player, you can either join your friend, or go kill him (and vice versa, which is probably the most fun part of the game).

Super Breakout - The one game where the controller needs to be disconnected in favor of the trackball (Atari was extremely creative with their controllers, and this was one of their best efforts). You knock out blocks with a little ball. Four different games (standard, progressive (the blocks move down row by row), double (two balls at the same time), and one that has two balls trapped inside a standard form), for up to four people, it can be frustrating, yet satisfying. It is a true multiplayer game, not some hackjob. So much fun.

Plus many others.

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy!!

And the moral (if you need one) for this blog entry: it's the simple things in life that you treasure most.

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