Going the other way  

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1/6/2006 7:40 am

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Going the other way

Coming back to happy thoughts. That last post was a last gasp of my irritation. Now that it is completely out of my system, I feel better, and happier.

Asked for a girl's number last night at work. Caught her off guard. Told me she has a boyfriend. I looked at her, and told her I could always use more friends (implication: I'm not out to fuck you, I need good people around me).

I still think 90% of the people I encounter can't, or won't understand me. Their loss. Just because you don't have the patience, intelligence, and desire to know a multi-faceted person, doesn't mean I don't.

Anyway, my bed is together (sort of). I need to get the duvet to complete it, but this bed getting excursion has tapped me dry, so it'll be a bit before my monetary supply is back up to where I want it.

Still single. Working on month 6 or 7 with no sex. Hell, been cutting back on my masturbation sessions. Just getting bored. When you've tossed your monkey so much, you eventually want someone else to toss it for you.


To everyone, enjoy, and have a good one.

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