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11/10/2005 11:13 am

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Commentary from an open source

I was thinking about something as I went back to work to pick up that beer. I'll start with an introduction, before I get to the gist of my thoughts.

I am an open and honest person. Most people would say I'm too honest. I tell people, upfront, what I'm about. I don't beat around the bush (but I'll lick your bush, cuz I love pussy), I don't like to pull punches (and you can usually tell when I do), and I'll give it to you straight. If I don't want to be around someone, I won't. I'll give it to them straight, "sorry, but there's something about you that rubs me the wrong way, and I don't want to be around you. Have a nice life, hope for the best, blah blah blah." It usually pisses people off, but guess what, that's the way I'd rather have it done, than just a brush off. I'd rather have someone say to me, "I don't like you. Go away, and never speak to me again," than them giving me some lame ass reasons, and the brush off.

Call me crazy (and you probably will), but guess what, that's me. Treat me how you would like to be treated, and I'll treat you how I want to be treated. Hopefully, it equals out.

But what I don't like are the fakers. The ones who pretend to like you, and the moment your back is turned (sometimes, your back doesn't even have to be turned) they start talking smack. Had a couple friends once, right in front of me, start whispering in each other's ear, glance back at me, and continue talking. Even my buddy sitting next to me knew something was up, but you couldn't get them to admit what they were talking about. Cowards.

People like that are part of the reason humanity is so screwed up. If everyone would be honest and upfront (that means no mixed messages, no no-means-maybe type garbage, etc.), do you realize how many problems we would eliminate? Finally, we would be able to speak to each other in a constructive, intelligent, and reasonable manner, without any of the b.s. we're used to.

It's why I really don't trust other people. I know how twisted and two-faced people are (especially in small towns, though it happens in large towns, just not as bad). I know how people are so afraid to ask a question, yet they are more than willing to make an assumption (which is the mother of all screw ups), and run with it.

Can't you, for once in your life, be honest with yourself, and those around you? Probably not, right?

Like I said, try being honest with those around you, you might actually make life better by doing so.

Like right now. Honestly, I want endless sex. Constant (unless there's responsibilities to take care of), unrelenting sex. I'll take you out, plop you on the hood of my car, and fuck you senseless. I'll eat your pussy for time unending (until you tell me to end). I want a decent conversation. I want to have my mind stimulated as much as my dick. I want to know your bondaries. Don't give me the answer "I don't know" when I ask a question.

Yes you do know, you are just afraid to admit it. If you want respect, you have to give respect. Coming at me with some garbage like that will just piss me off, and not want to be with you.

I'm starting to feel my irritation level rising just by writing this. Because it sickens me to be around a bunch of pansy ass buttmunches with no spine, no guts, and no courage. Just a bunch of bitches (in male and female versions) wandering through life with their heads firmly implanted in their asses.


I have so much more to rant about, but I'm cutting myself off. All I know is this: if you can't be a decent human being, and treat others with respect and consideration, you should be castrated before you breed, so you won't infect the rest of the world with your ignorance and stupidity. And if you have had kids, give them up for adoption, so they don't turn out to be like you. You pathetic waste of a human being.

But hey, at least I'm being honest. Right?

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