An interlude  

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4/23/2006 9:58 pm
An interlude

Thought I would say hi to everyone.


Now, as far as blogging, I'm going to get to it tomorrow (at the earliest, Wednesday by the latest).

Went and run a couple necessary errands. Wished I had gone to Wal-Mart for one of them. Would've saved 30 bucks.

Oh, our local rock station (the only one actually. Bob FM I don't consider rock. More like "anything" station. Even though I could call the rock station the oldies station too, considering how much Hendrix & Led Zepplin, Aerosmith they play) has this station break that says they've cut back on commercials, and now has less commercials than the other guy (what other guy?).

Well, my mind needs sustenence. So, I decided to keep track of the songs they played (see if they repeated any), and how many commercials (I didn't count station ID moments they played. If I did, the number would have tripled.) they played.

Well, the tallies are as follows over a four hour and forty minute duration:

28 commercials were played.
58 songs were played
The average time for a commercial to come on was 10 minutes.
Only an average of 2 songs would come on in between each commercial.

The only good news is that the songs did not repeat until after I stopped, but not long after.

This was during the daytime. With absolutely no Dj's. The commercials were the same ones repeated over and over again.

What are your radio stations like people? Any better? Doubt they could be worse (except on the repeater bit).

Does anyone know what's involved in starting a radio station?

Just something low key, talk radio in the morning, music the rest of the time. Interested.

Until later

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