A quick thought  

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4/25/2006 1:11 am

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A quick thought

My mind takes many different directions.

Here's a weird one, apparently.

There was a condom commercial on, and they were talking about glow in the dark types.

Well, the thought occurred to me that some men would use this.

Now if they had a pregnant fuck (whether gf, wife, or just a side piece), they were to use the condom (maybe because of fear, who knows), and the dick is long enough it pokes through (maybe not all the way, but just enough), would the fetus (unborn child) see it?

Would it cause any mental harm (I liken it to being trapped in a sleeping bag, and this bright thing keeps poking at you, but you can't get away from it, and it continuously pokes) to the kid?

Something for you child psychiatrists out there.

It would be an interesting study, that's for damn sure.

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