A one way street  

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1/6/2006 5:03 am

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A one way street

Friendship is not a one way street folks. That's called a one sided relationship. Hell, even a user friendly relationship is better than a one way. At least both sides get something out of it.

The reason why I am giving today's rant: a person with which I have dissolved as a friend. This happened a few days ago, which has allowed myself to calm down, and look at things objectively. Because when I encountered the subject, and the individual told me what had been done, to say the least i was pissed (to say the most, you wouldn't want to know what I thought, trust me on this).

Breakdown of the subject:
My age.
Child (pre-teen).
No job, living off of government subsistence.
Self-absorbed, indecisive, confused; trying to live an image.
Uninformed, uneducated, ignorant, closed-minded.
A child masquerading as an adult.
Looking for the answers to the questions that have yet to form.
No clue what the individual is, wants, or needs.
Plenty of talent to make something happen in life, but absolutely no direction, and no want to get there.
Nice up front, but it's just a front. Behind the scenes, some disturbing thoughts, two-faced, and completely unstable.

Here's the brief case history (keep in mind, this is not written by a shrink, just an analytical person):

1. On many occasions, subject, when confronted with subject matter that contradicts current mental thought, tunes out, and engages in activities to either change the subject, or drown out others.

i.e. One afternoon, an individual and I (me atheist, the other multireligious) engage in a discussion, brought up by subject, about religion. Questioning their origins, beliefs, the people within them, the forces that drive, etc. In less than two minutes of starting this conversation, the subject grabbed a guitar, and started praising god. Well, the individual and I got up, walked into the kitchen to continue the discussion (since we couldn't hear us over the music). The subject took offense to this, and went outside to continue playing, prompting a contemptuous reaction from myself.

2. No respect for others, completely dishonest, no ability to be direct, and no responsibility for oneself.

i.e. The subject, when faced with a problem that the individual does not want to handle, will engage with everyone they know (except the person with which the problem resides), asking questions about the situation, giving their slant on the subject, and trying to gauge everyone else's reactions so the subject can use their judgements, thereby claiming plausable deniability in the decision making process. In the process, by consulting others not involved with the situation, causing damage to the person, through slander and malignment. When, if the situation was dealt with immediately, and directly, all damage would be either minimized, or be nonexistent.

3. Stated relationship goals are the complete opposite of the implied (or visible) goals.

i.e. The subject states the nice one is what is wanted, yet the bad one is the constant choice. The liar, cheater, thief - those are the characteristics of the subject's choices. Given the choice of the good one, the subject chooses subterfuge, manipulation, and around the bush tactics in an effort to attract, even if good has stated there is no interest.

Now, if these problems were one time instances, there would be little, if any, cause for alarm, but these are ongoing problems for the individual in question over the last few years, touching many different people. And this is just a short list, containing a few details and generalizations. To list everything I have witnessed in my time around the subject would consume far too much time and energy (I've already spent over an hour writing this).

Now, ask yourself this (since my conclusion is already made): just off of the examples & generalities I've provided, what would your conclusion be (and be honest)?

On a side note: I've noticed that the variation, in terms of psychotic behvaior, does not matter in terms of population size, but in the environment with which the individual resides. Any thoughts on this people?

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