A moment alone  

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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4/28/2006 6:46 am

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4/28/2006 1:32 pm

A moment alone

Well, my main computer took a shit yesterday.

Was browsing the internet the previous night, and turned off the computer. When I went to boot it up, it would get past the bios screen, but would only go to a blank screen.

When trying safe mode, and repair install, neither function would give any info, other than a blank screen.

Monitor's on light is still on, which means the screen is getting info from the comp, but that a piece of hardware may have failed (probably the video card). So, since cash is short, I am stcuk with the laptop until I can get the funds for a new comp. Yippee!!!!!!

Spent the evening with a friend, bullshitting. It was a seriousbullshit session. A multi-faceted discussion of politics, covering topics such as immigration, drug culture, abortion, government, economics, etc.

At the end of the night, he was saying that for me to achieve my goal by the time I have allotted, I would need to make continuous splashes until I make it.

I lloked at him, and asked, well, isn't that what I was doing tonight? Wouldn't you consider my thoughts splashes, and he agreed with me. His only comment was that I need to get my thoughts and ideas to a wider ranging audience.

Which, comes back to the CD i need to produce. Hard now with the comp down, and this laptop not being up to snuff. But I'll find a way.

Saw the woman that brushed me off a couple months back. The one with my Sammy DVD. Think she wasn't expecting to see me at work during swing, because she was at a loss for words.

Later that night, a buddy & I were talking about her, and we were going back and forth, with the thought expressed of my intentions toward this female. So, I stated it unequivicably, that I would chill, and hang, but fuck, only if she spread her legs, and invitied me in. Chances are, I wouldn't be able to trust her if she did, so fucking is probably out of the question.

I know I wouldn't attack that pussy without a rubber. No Way!!

How many people use Magnums?

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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4/28/2006 1:32 pm

It's a fun one.

But the more interesting it gets, the more enjoyable it is.

Thanks for the stop by and note.

Enjoy the reading.


SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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4/28/2006 9:42 am

I must admit that for a first time visit to your blog ... I am at a loss for words ... but I thought I'd drop a quick hello anyway just because I hate when people stop by and say nothing. You've definately sparked my interest, I am totally curious what you are trying to "splash" so will keep reading to find out more ... hmmm, curiosity. Don't you just hate it? Tee Hee


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