A couple quickies  

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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4/29/2006 12:57 am
A couple quickies

Well, the (local) female I talked about never called (no suprise there). Not shocked, not even annoyed, but still longing for my Sam Kinison DVD (hey, Sammy's a god-like figure, do not deny him).

So, the pussy hound is still on the loose, sending shivers down your spine (just wish they were the good shivers).

Got the big comp up and running. I'll bet anything something in the mbr (master boot record) got screwed up, and that's why it wouldn't boot. Now, whether it'll happen again is anyone's guess.

In terms of my dealings with other people, I wanted to say this:

I'm up for pretty much anything, at any time.

It's still pussy only, no interest in guys of any kind.
Not too concerned with size, although if you sit on my face, I do need to breathe more than the sweet aroma of your delectible pussy.
Please don't waste my time, as I will not with you. If you say you're going to do something, do it. I tend to be demanding on this, because to me, my time is valuable. And if you say you're going to call, write, or whatever, there is an expectation that it will occur, and not fall through the cracks because of fear, or whatever the excuse used may be.
Also, if I think you are a bot after a reply, I will not talk to you, or deal with you. There are indicators, especially bad grammar, spelling, and whatnot (besides, if you can't spell simple words correctly, the only thing you've got to offer is pussy, because intelligence is obviously lacking.), that give pause to you.
I am still annoyed by oriental chick from Phillipines. Would've loved to hook up if she was local. Just goes to show, honesty seems to be a highly overrated thing. Especially about small things, like age. Still think you women put way too much stock in lying about your age. If you are 40, and say you're 30 (as one example), there are a couple points to be made:
#1. If you didn't think I'd find out, you must find me stupid, and therefore, I must find you the door, because you obvioudly have some underlying trust issues you need to handle.
#2. Age is a relaative thing. I've hit on women in their forties, also hit on women of legal age (because 15 will get you 20), and although the young ones are nice to look at, and fun to play with, the older ones know more about serious fun, rather than just fun. And to me, that is more exciting than a enthusiastic youngin', although they have a better shot at lasting as long as I.

Anyway, I have more to say, but I need to lay back down, and sleep for a bit.

Enjoy, and have a good one.

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