tis the season  

rm_phoenix43452 35M
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4/11/2006 6:43 am
tis the season

its like the old saying goes. if its called tourist season, why can't we shoot em.

lemme explain first. tourist season is yet again upon my hole in the wall town on the lake. any normal day i can go anywhere i like. not today. talk about stressful. i find myself in traffic jam after traffic jam. you know with gas prices skyrocketing to nearly $3.00 a gallon, you do what you can to maintain some sort of social life. but, these tourist make it all that much harder. limiting your distance you can travel by hundreds of miles at a time. thats no joke. confirm it yourself if you have a hard time believing me. just run a truck in 3rd gear for about an hour. in a 55 zone no less. such is the times where some people need to drive or get the hell off the road. now is the time where you get the impression i have road rage. not really. for the people in my area, im pretty mild mannered. even though i've been screwed by the politics of the law over someone elses bad driving. not bitter, just felt like i've been by the situation. after all, he was the drunk one. i was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. he gets the large settlement, the new truck, and an ambulance ride. all i got was a totaled truck, a lost apartment, and a lost job. maybe i shoulda been the one drinking. it mighta worked out in my behalf. don't worry after reading that if your still with me. i recovered. i am the phoenix. gimme some time and i will arise from the ashes renewed to try again. course having a not very understanding g/f at the time didn't help things much either. there i am in traction from a horrific accident, so she decides to sleep with someone else. she didn't quite grasp the fact that had i been a half inch to the right, she'd have been staring at me in the bottom of a pine box. i think all in all i handled things pretty well. i took quite a blow to the ole gut after i took a look at what i was removed from. talk about close. my bumper was quite efficiently relocated to just beneth my windshield. but, whatever. just felt the need to vent some steam. don't take it to heart. i really am a quite agreeable person when you get to know me, just have the occasional bad day like anyone else.

so take this to heart, live each day like it'll be your last. enjoy things while you have them, and you'll regret nothing. and for those of you who have just spent the last 6 hours staring at the computer, get outside once in a while. its a nice day out today. call up a friend and have some fun. i may not be a philosopher, but i am wise beyond my years.

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