so i saw the girl ive dreamed of.............  

rm_phoenix43452 35M
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3/25/2006 9:55 am
so i saw the girl ive dreamed of.............

go figure. today i see the girl i dream of. every guy has that one perfect girl. but, not only is she beautiful.......... but totally cool. theres only one problem. and heres how the world works.

majority of the time people assume that guys just dont have the "balls" to approach a girl and make their presentation. well, i say thats bullshit. i think what really happens is this. some know it all overpaid weenie, thats making up the rules just because he cant get laid, decides that the average person needs help dating. solution, the internet. ahh theres a catch. you have to pay to talk to anybody. does anybody else see the irony in this? most people dont have the money, especially this day in age, to toss about on internet datin sites. figure that must they can go to the bar and get some liquid courage!

for those moderately inclined to crawl out from the rock yesterday, thats alcohol. i may seem kinda like an asshole in here, but thats my perogative. maybe it has something to do with i hadnt been laid in 3 years! dont ask, long story, im lucky to be alive. nuff said. irreguardless, im a little edgy. so ladies, if your readin this and anywhere near where i live. feel free to stop in and either gimme a jump, or at least a stroke or two. ill be happy with that. just as long as i aint gotta do it. note, i did not say im doin it all the time, but once is too many. especially when majority of the time, someone else did it for ya. one last thing, you want a photo of me? gotta get to know me. i borrowed this computer to type this today. so live the days like every one is your last. and look forward to the next like its going to be better. hang in there people, we'll all get laid eventually.

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