here we go again  

rm_phoenix43452 35M
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4/9/2006 4:54 am
here we go again

so yet again do i find myself driving down a desolate highway.

not a pun!

once again i hit the road for one of my usual encounters with good ole nature. push back the daily grind and just enjoy nature..... from behind enemy lines. just got to leave the road once in a while to take in the scenery. thats when i find myself alone, yet again. one of these days im going to invest in a blowup passenger. i find it difficult to carry a conversation with a bucket seat. kinda hard to put a face on things. lol, bad pun. whatever your liking, there are days you just have to have a face to converse with. and a seat doesnt do it. thats one of those times, you have to wish that there are more insomniacs in the world. even a change of scenery on the highway would be an improvement.

sorry, lemme explain.
yet another day came where i had to make another senseless drive over a long distance. dont ask why, i dont even know why i was needed. none-the-less im on the road. it is now midnight, rollin up on one. and im still 45 minutes out from my final destination.

i know, whats wrong with me??

dont ask, i dont know.

anyway, as i near the whole in the wall it came to me. one of these days im going to remember to wake a friend next time..... like that'll ever happen. or at least design some sorta inflatable companion that nods its head in agreeance all the time, and possibly offers the occasional "is that so" responce.

course now you think im nuts. just remember that the next time your out at night, on some back road with no houses, and open field as far as you can see. eventually you will need something for interaction. at times i'll deal with one of the dumb blonds. don't be upset, you know as well as i do they exist. hell i dated one. they offer alot more for conversation and sex than a falsie. laugh if you like, but i prefer brunettes. what can i say, i was horny.

for those with a dirty mind, are you still with me so far? so this rabbi walks into a bar........... had ya goin for a second. don't worry im above those lame jokes. was just a crowd selector. anyway, any ladies interested in goin for a ride through the country and enjoy a good laugh at my expense. look me up. i never could keep on a subject. i get bored to easily. thats why im no superstar. i hate repitition. one tends to get bored with repitition. dont be afraid to reply to this mismatch of thoughts. im about as lost on it as you.

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