Love welcome...  

rm_philonymph 38M
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9/20/2005 11:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Love welcome...

Just another thing that happened today...

My dad is in the hospital. He's felt dizzy and just shitty since Sunday, so he went to the doc today. The doc said he was dehydrated and had a temp of 102F so he wanted to admit him for IV antibiotics and fluids. They don't know what he's got, but we're suspecting that it's no more than a flu bug.
Shouldn't be anything serious, but for those of you who pray, a good word to the powers above is welcome. My dad's a great guy and has always loved me with all of his soul. Thank you.

Peace and Love...

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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9/21/2005 1:21 am

Hope everything goes ok with your dad. It does sound like a bad flu bug, so I hope it is "just" that -- keep us posted!

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honestlove26 37M
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9/21/2005 10:55 am

Hope everything is ok. I'll be praying.

widowsaddiction 47F

9/21/2005 8:24 pm

Sorry to hear that Philo. Please keep us updated

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