Initiation! The start of yet another blog!  

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7/13/2005 7:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Initiation! The start of yet another blog!

Well, it sure has been fun so far. Not that I'm getting any; over the past few days I've become resigned to the fact that I'm just not going to get many responses as is. I'm not complaining, though, because I'm havin fun looking around at the Advice Lines forums and posting stuff. It's a great way to see that many people here aren't just the over-sexed machines that a quick, cursory look at their profiles might seem to indicate. I like the community here, and I respect it quite a lot; if nothing else, it will help occupy some time while I wait for some serious replies (or initial come-ons, I'd like that).

Anyway, some random observations:

--Why is it that when you include in your profile that you are not looking for relationships with married women that that is all that seems to come your way? Come on, people, read!

-- What am I doing here, you ask? I'm looking for a job, of course! Anybody want to give me a hand?

--Seriously, some people who post questions in the Advice Lines really need to read the topic headings first to find out if their question's been done to death before. I mean, how many dick size/what gets a women off/how do I get more people to notice my profile questions can one read, anyway?

--Yes, I used to be an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan. My favorite episode has to be the one where the Mooninites win the Foreigner belt from the skeeball machine (by cheating!). You've got to love an accessory with special powers based on the titles of old Foreigner songs!

--These days I'm cable free. No Cartoon Network = No Adult Swim.

--You want to know what's really weird? I'm a registered pharmacist who's gone back to school in order to earn master's degree in *nursing*, so I can get certified as an advanced practice nurse! (It's a long story ...) So, now you're probably wondering what the hell I'm really doing here, given that I have a more than decent chance of meeting, and possibly scoring, with some truly beautiful women. That, too, is a long story, although not as long as the other one.

--As you've probably guessed by now, no I am not a physician or a doctor of anything. I like to think I'm making a contribution whenever I post on the Advice Lines. Anybody with any constructive criticism to share, feel free to post here.

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