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10/9/2005 7:23 pm

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I do not or cannot wear underwear! Last week I noticed that a middle aged woman had a flat tyre, so i pulled over and decided to assist her. i think she had herself a good look, because i was wearing a shorts and my manhood just rolled out. she was standing there in her work skirt and i was eyeballing her pussy; and i thought out loud 'man i wish i could tear into that puss'
she leant over me and said when you done with the tyre follow me for your reward.

i followed her to a motel and i had myself the best 69 ever, 3hours straight. no joke. 3 hours of sucking. we came and came and came in each others mouths - over and over again, whoo! I just love sucking me some tasty puss!!!! and oh yeah my reward. a trip to panama to watch T&T play the world cup match.

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