The art of making sex fun...  

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8/17/2005 11:50 pm

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The art of making sex fun...

Sex should not be serious. Consider what an alien species that started watching our TV wwould think when they started receiving playboy TV (or anything european), or worse, soaps! Human sexuality is a delicate and silly thing if viewed from a detached perspective...

If you read my recipe for a fun evening and thought of the two people doing that without a hint of humour then you deserve a terrible tickling. right now.

Two people having sex, or just fooling around, should be laughing about it, enjoying the sensations and being happy about enjoying yourself (each person has to enjoy the sensations the other person helps them feel. It's not selfish, we want the other person to be happy and motivated!).

Every time I've every felt this it's always because I had a connection with the person I was with. In other words a sexual partner should be a friend. (though all friends are NOT going to be sexual partners!).

Some thoughts.

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