Summer is good when...  

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7/13/2005 8:36 pm

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Summer is good when...

It gets so darn hot that all the women stop wearing their bras, and then go shopping in an air conditioned store. Hmmm nipply.

I hate to be so simple and crass but there's something very seductive about breasts that move naturally. I don't care if a woman is an a-cup or an e-cup. If the bra makes her chest a lump of stone then any sexual factor is lost.

In another woman's bodies related thought I noticed a woman today. She was large with great hips, huge curves and looked absolutely munchable. Why? She was wearing a skirt. I have a thing for skirts. It doesn't matter what else a woman looks like, a skirt makes her gold to me. Aren't I easy .

It's a shame that for teh last ten days of this month my wife will be absent from the country. I hate to hope that I will have any opportunity to use that time wisely as things don't work that fast around here (least not for men!).

I'd also like to complement the women of the Quebec chat room. Your photo's are far more tasteful and sexy than those in the Ontario room. Must be to do with being in quebec. Somehow the women here oooze sexuality, even when dressed very casually...

Have I mentioned I like it here.

In other news I have determined by total exaustion at the end of every day is largely in part to do with speaking french all day. It uses more brainpower if it is not your second language...

Bon Journee!

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