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8/11/2005 10:43 am

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Recipe for fun

One feather.
Scented massage oil.
Four silk ribbons.
One knobby pressure ball.
A swatch of fur (rabbit).
Hogshair shaving brush.
Ice chips.
Blindfold (optional).
Gentle relaxing music.
Polished stones.
Polar fleese blanket.

1) place lover on blanket, somewhere warm with space is best. Naked is best though underwear may be worn. Light incense and turn on music very quietly.
2) Have lover place blindfold over eyes.
3) Tie ribbons around wrists and ankles, do not tie to anything else. Inform lover that the ribbons bind them to you and until released they are to imagine heavy weights holding their limbs down.
4) Massage gently with oil for 10-20 minutes until warm glow is noticed.
5) Gently wake up lover with ice running gently down non-erogenous zones.
6) Experiment in placing stones and coins in patters on body. Follow the chakras, shiatsu pressure points or just your gut for what feels right.
7) Once oil dries slightly play with the textures and fabrics on your lover's body.
Tease and play for as long as you are both relaxed and comfortable. The object is to increase sensitivity to sensations and touch, not to arouse for sex.
9) End by removing stones/coins and slowly untieing ribbons. Tell your lover that you release them.
10) End with a big hug, thank them for letting you pamper and play with them.

Put all these things together and you have a recipe for a sensual, relaxing evening with your lover. Add to the list as desire wants.


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