Life continuing...  

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10/25/2005 9:34 pm

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Life continuing...

Just returned from a lightspeed trip to the maritimes. Four days by car, about 3000 KM by the car odometer.

Our friends got married, their families are all wonderful and fun people who carry more booze in their cars trunk than most SAQ's stock in a month. The dancing was hot and fun. The sex when we got back after being around other people non-stop for four days was awesome.

Now the bad news.
My mother in law has parkinsons. She knows it, everyone knows it.

No-one will talk about it, least of all to her (or vice versa). And she won't go to her doctor.

For the sake of my marriage I'm going to keep my big mouth shut for once and let the wife handle this.

If anyone else has family that act this insane please let me know.

On a happier note it's hallowe'en this weekend!


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