Life's an adventure when...  

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7/15/2005 8:17 pm

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Life's an adventure when...

Your ability to do your job is limited to the eight hundred or so words you actually know...

For my job I work retail. It's doesn't pay badly and I have a far better time doing something I love than the professional job I left that was killing me. On the other hand I'm working retail in Laval, Quebec (a suburb of Montreal). Pretty much everyone here speaks french exclusively. Now I know my stuff pretty well, everything product and company related and I'm a genius with sales (up 200% since I arrived baby!) but my french is not catching up as quick as I'd like it to.

It occurred to me that the french I'm learning is related exclusively to my job, and seldom leaves the narrow tracks of questions that customers ask.

If I meet a nice french speaking girl I might have no ability at all to ask her the important questions about STDs, previous partners, likes/dislikes, allergies... The stuff that can really matter.

If anyone else has crossed the language/culture (not race) divide when swinging around I'd appreciate the advice. Not in a huge rush right now but better to have had advice and not need it than the reverse.

On the other hand there's no better student than an interested and focused student... Language immersion here I come!


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