Both frightening and exciting  

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7/11/2005 9:43 pm

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Both frightening and exciting

This is an adventure in the making for me. Anyone who has looked at my profile will know that I am married and therefor would be considered to be commiting adultary if I actually do meet up with anyone who I find on AdultFriendFinder.

That would be true if my wife didn't know and support me doing this.

I got married young (23) to a gorgous woman who is more than a year my senior. Insanely I was both more and less experienced than her. She had had sex with a lot more people than me (all at once) but was still a virgin when I met her (that lasted two months).

She is bisexual and was just coming off a lesbian relationship and identity crisis when I met her. Now she has directly identified with being asexual, a slightly newer designation effectively meaning that unless sex involves her fetish's she won't orgasm (but when she does stitches might be involved). I get to warm her up with her fetish and maybe finger her a bit but the vibrator and imagination does the rest. Foreplay isn't needed, just the kink so I'm a little redundant. I get to wet my wick after she's warmed up, and I get off but I need a little more.

Luckily she's smart enough to realize that I'm waaaay more horney than she is and so we agreed before we were married that we would have an open marriage. We know other couples who do this and have talked a lot about how an open marriage works. Now we are almost onto our third anniversary and I've found the courage to try finding other partners.

This is made a little more interesting by the fact that I just moved to Montreal and have virtually zero friends here. I was in a dead-end professional job that was killing me so I quit, took a couple of months to get healthy again(physical and mental, spiritual is on the way) and then I was searched by my favorite company and now work for a lot less money but a lot more energy at the end of the day. I will probably make manager in my own shop in less than 18 months and be a happy man.

So far I've found that AdultFriendFinder people are both very beautiful and friendly (typical canadians lol). As a married man I wonder if that makes me a bit of a pariah, and being a guy looking for gals makes me part of the majority when we really need more gals. Hopefully there are some women to be found who also want a friend with privliges.

So there it is. My life in a nutshell. Thanks for reading this far!

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