What went wrong  

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7/15/2005 9:24 am

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What went wrong

If you really think about it what went wrong in the world today. Everyone gets themselves so into societies beliefs. Whether it is weight, behavior, lifestyle, looks, sex,etc.

We have to really look at this in a way that is not judgmental I know but come on this is just going overboard now.

Take the weight issue. Who cares about how much a person weights? Do you want to know whom? Ourselves. Think about it, if we didn’t think we were fat, why would we care. If so one told you that you are a shity cook, but you think your cooking is amazing. Who gives a crap about them they don’t have to eat it. Only we live with ourselves no one else.

We have made such a big deal about weight in the past that it is in a non-stop tubule. There are right now so many companies making money off of the weight issues that it will not stop. The commercials about all of this pills, the TV shows about plastic surgery, and all the magazines with woman and men who don’t eat and only workout. There are so many advertisements on T.V. that we are getting ourselves brain washed. We don’t have to fall into this trap. I think that we can live without the fear of looking fat (self-conscious).

Americans are really the only culture that puts an importance on weight. Look at other cultures:

The Middle East for example. The woman cover their body in clothes and only when they are married can a man see them without.

Europe for example. They walk around nude on the beaches! Can’t say they are self-conscious.

Their just so many cultures that are different that is so hard to describe them all to you. It would just be better if everyone would support others and their lives.

What do you think about everyone self-confidence?

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