Oh Well and braless  

rm_peteblack13 43M
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4/16/2006 5:17 pm
Oh Well and braless

I've just got in from the battle of the bands.

And we lost.
Oh well. The judge guy (who I thought wanted to be the next Simon Cowell) reckoned that Chewy's drumming was out and Paul's singing left a bit to be desired....

Interestingly, he didn't have anything bad to say about me even though I thought I had not the best night; I started our second song on the wrong string and it took about 2 bars to realise why it was sounding so bad, then a bit later I stepped on my lead and pulled it out the socket so we lost the bass completely for about 20 seconds (which in music is quite a long time!) Still it could of been worse; at one point I almost tripped over the very same lead and fell backwards onto the amp I using, which could have had very embarrasing and expensive consequences!

Hey ho We've entered 2 botb now: we won one and lost the 2nd so 50% ain't too bad. I just hope Chewy isn't feeling bad about it, seeing as they picked on him during our feedback session...

There were some lovely girls there tho. One, who was performing, had lovely small breasts and no bra so when the stage lights were on her white top you could see her nipples That's gotta be a bonus in anyone's book!

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