jumpers of eye lashes  

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8/23/2006 6:34 am

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12/12/2006 4:11 am

jumpers of eye lashes

i swear i have one of the most random lives, i go from day to day just prepairing myself for something so funny to happy it'll tear me in two.

alot of what i find funny others may not, i just want to stress i mean no harm to anyone, however my humour has a shape all of its own. if something is funny ill laugh.

i think im a little nieve, ill often do things just for a laugh and someone will take it out of context. examples....

an attempt to impress a girl on monday night by 'warming down' after the club because i had danced so much, this involved stretching and lunges. i chased her into a kebab house saying i loved her and i would make her a love jumper of my own eye lashes. allas, she was not keen. another (more attractive) girl was.

keep it wild is a favourate saying of mine, i am here for sex essentially but lets have it with people im compatable with.

if you've read all this thanks, im trying to gain your trust before i send you lots of e-mails of my willy xx

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