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4/5/2006 11:43 am

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4/5/2006 11:43 am

Quote me on this one...

Well you could quote me on this one
cuz I'm not that dumb
while I'm underneath the sun
you're underneath number one
be ready for anticipation
lack of motivation
Lying underneath your breath
but the rain soon comes
Who woulda thought that a white kid could ?
Don't judge me cuz Eminem's skin isn't black
So? I sip on Hennessey and cognac
That doesn't mean that not half bad
Whether my name is Jack
or whether it don't mean jack
I'm like Bonds hittin' 50 with a baseball bat
At least he's not jacked
he's just whack like on crack
but if you caught a ball
you wouldn't throw it back
Leave no stone unturned
leave no bridge unburned
but only I walk the shadows
of when my steps when I return
Hopefully I live and learn
But I'm not that gifted
Only about as much as the weight
on his shoulders was lifted
but if we all believed in Jah
then there would be no more
war-torned boys dying as lost soldiers
in world we can't pronounce
where everybody has got an ounce
and everybodys parents
are lettin their kids out the house

What kind of world are we livin in?
One without sin
Fightin for our children and for the government

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