Where OH WHERE does the time go?!  

rm_peepershh 47F
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6/16/2006 11:04 am
Where OH WHERE does the time go?!

Yikes... I should have known better than to reinstate my membership here at the begining of summer. I've been too busy to even think about new ventures. I proudly promise to answer all messages I receive, so when time is as tight as it had been they have to wait. I'll answer them, but it'll be a while.

This past week hads been a flury of activity here at home. Not like the poeple who have family and kids... I just don't know how they do it. It's just me and my dogs here and I haven't had time for much other than the writing I do for myself that will always come first on the list of to-dos when I have time, my committment to my regular blog and the newest activity in my Flickr account with photos and postings ont he Nenana Fire. And work has been the usual deluge of usual projects all with the usual unmeetable deadlines.

I've mounted a Yard Restoration project here at home. I don't "grow" things, I mow them down! The grass can't grow fast enough for me to enjoy cutting it again. The problem this year however is that I've not had time the last summer and a half to do what I normally do. 2004 was shrouded in smoke from the local forest fires and last year my time was sucked up by my SO who was living with me while he was here workign. Of course I have a full time job of my own which usually requires full time and a half in reality.

So I hired a kid of a lady I work with to help me whipe this place into shape. But he's got other jobs he does too, so he's only been working here a couple hours a day. I made the huge mistake of telling people a couple months ago that I was going to have a BBQ for my birthday... well.. my bday is this Saturday the 17th -- so I'm down the the wire to get the yard and the house ready for people!! There's a local house party for AFFers Sat night that I'd really wanted to go to as well, but frankly... I've partied every weekend for the past month and am partied out. I'm not even looking fwd to my own BBQ... but I'm following through because I made the committment.

And that doesn't even include the house - which is a complete and utter disaster.... *sigh* such is life!!

So.. to those who have written but not received answer yet... I'll get to them soon -- the autoresponder isn't lying when it sayd I don't check my AdultFriendFinder mail every day!

And to those asking for blog updates... I have fulfilled your request to the best of my ability.

more soon

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6/16/2006 5:56 pm


Thanks for the update and I sure wish I'd known sooner that it was your birthday weekend. I would have made sure to know where your BBQ was at. Then I'd have two places to be the same day! I am sorry u won't be at the local AdultFriendFinder party but like you told me before...there will be others.

Happy Birthday 2 U and one big smack on yer behind !!!

Just one so I can get out of range before you swing back!

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