Uh... Sorry man, they're not FOR you...  

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8/7/2006 8:59 pm

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Uh... Sorry man, they're not FOR you...

I met some folks Firday night. We had drinks and in general a really good time. Somewhere in the conversation... and I'm not even sure why it came up... or how we got on the subject, I think it was because the bartended had a tongue ring and showed me a new one she'd recently gotten....

ANyhow... I said something about how hard it is to find nipple rings that I like, in a 12g... seems like they should have been a 14g, as there are more of those and they're easier to come by.

He commented
I'd take them out.

He repeated himself.

OKay - well I admit I suck at even teasing dirty talk with people I've just met... or people I don't have a particular vibe with... I was okay with it.. it was well received... but I just moved on to another topic....

But I've been thinking about it... and I wish I'd thought of this, back then...
They're not FOR you! They're for ME. No removal allowed!

Again... I wasn't offended that he said it and I'm not torqued over it or anything.. no reason to be... but this had been rolling around in my head for a couple days now.

I went 36 years with nipples that didn't do diddly-shit for me. Always letting men do their thing and either telling them straigh up "I'm sorry, that does nothing for me, but enjoy yourself' or pretending that it turned me on, or trying, but having to get so freaking rough with them it was ridiculous... or just kind of blowing past it all together... That is WHY I got them pierced.

I figured either it would make them sensitive enough that I could get something out of it... or it wouldn't change anything and I'd simply have decorated nips... at the very least when I get old and they sag even more than they already do, I can always run some 12g line through them and tie it around my neck, "How high do you want me to hike 'em tonight honey?"

No seriously... I got 'em done for me... not for you (any potential observer or player in a furture rendezvous) it's been a little over a year for one and a little over 7 months for the other one... the jury is still out on whether anyone else can get them to 'work' for me... but I can get them to work and since I spend more time by mysel than with anyone else. I guess it's been a success.

So... for those men that think all self-absorbed and pompus like
I'd take them out.
Think again honey. It's not an option I'm offering you, and NO I'm not removing them for you.

Easy out, painful in.. these are nipples with a big-ass hole punched in 'em and a 12g piece of steel in them.. not freaking earrings - so step back! If you cannot negotiate these little obsticles in your path, then I'll handle them myself!

It was nice to finally realize that I don't totally regret having these things hole-punched! YEA me!


XJackinyourBoxX 42M

8/7/2006 9:17 pm

Some people don't understand that "alternative" piercings aren't necessarily for their pleasure.
I knew someone that had two tongue studs. Although I would have enjoyed experiencing them, I knew she got them for her.
Maybe you'll find a guy that appreciates them.
And for when you get older, yeah you can hike 'em up, or just chain your wallet to them and walk around knowing that you'll know if you get pickpocketed...lol
Another thought would be a boob puppet show, that would be cool!

pussinboots571 105F

8/7/2006 9:27 pm

Although not my style. Girlfriend, each to their own, do want you want.
These boys sound like they have an inadequacy, or are at a loss as to what to do..............I think its more a reflection of them, not you.

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