Men & Gloryholes...  

rm_pdxghslut 44F
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10/4/2005 12:05 am

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3/27/2006 7:44 am

Men & Gloryholes...

We all know that gloryholes have been regularly frequented by men for as long as they've been around. (And not just by gay men either!) So my questions to the straight guys on here are:

1. Have you ever been to one?
2. How often do you go?
3. Have you ever received a bj from a guy while in a gh booth?
4. Have you ever given a bj to a guy while in a gh booth?
5. Are you married?
6. Does your wife know?
7. Do you take your wife with you?

Inquiring minds want to know...

DorianVampire 38M
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10/4/2005 1:44 am

In my travels I have been to a few clubs that offer similar recreation. I have to admit I have always been a bit pensive. Not due to a shy nature or rampant homophobia just that I have heard a few horror stories. A long time friend decided to give it a lash at a goth club we went to. He was very upset when annon-pleasure turned to pain as his member took a bite from a more agressive player. Stories like that and the fact that you don't know who/what is handling your bits kind of concern me. I mean I want to know if the crack skeeze from the back alley is getting a shot like the rest of the customers...... Maybe an unfounded concern but a concern none the less.

Very interesting post, my compliments.


pdxpartyguy 42M
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10/4/2005 2:41 pm

1. Yes
2. At least once a week.
3. Not that I know of, but possibly a CD
4. No
5. Yes
6. No
7. No, but I have taken many girlfriends with me.

NJcumslut 42M

10/5/2005 1:47 pm

I have always wanted to go to a XXX theater or Glory Hole in NJ or Philly! Anyone now of any in NJ or Philly? Would you like to take me to one? If so please contact me at AdultFriendFinder. Thanks.....Eddie (NJcumslut)

rm_KNINE09 49M

10/9/2005 1:25 am

Yes I have and the first time I was very leary, seeing the line of men shuffling of the feet avoiding eye contact. What a scene it was but upon entering the booth and dropping the tokens. MAN OH MAN!!
She didn't waste anytime showing off her skills.
I go when I can after seeing the e-mails the next DAY! I want to e-mail my work schedule to the crew. LOL
No men for me pitching or catching.
Not married but a lady friend of mine went a couple times, I believe she wants to do it, she says she loves jackin cocks. LOL

69sexysocalcpl 45M/47F
1 post
10/12/2005 9:43 am

I have never been, but B (female) and I would like to know if there are any girls and guys that would like to start something down in SoCal (San Diego/North San Diego County.) Let us know!


rm_nomar001 42M
2 posts
10/12/2005 6:25 pm

I went to one of those clubs while in Vegas and boy did I have fun. I ended up kinda shy at first, but I seen this one nicely trimmed 8 incher that i had to have in my mouth. I ended up blowing on him until he blew a his huge load down my throat! when i was all finished i turned around to see 5 men jerking off to the action. it was pretty hott!
i have also taken my turn and let them blow me.
and yes i am married, and no she doesnt know.

rm_gonecat4U 46M

10/16/2005 10:31 pm

Just thinking about this gets me sooo hot! Any gloryholes near Long Beach CA? Let me know.



rm_crys91todd 50M/50F

11/24/2005 7:27 pm

as often as possible
yes - not as often as I'd like

rm_JayandInn 48M/46F
5 posts
12/7/2005 8:18 pm

1. Yes
2. When ever I am in the area
3. No
4. No
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. No

slim181952 65M
23 posts
12/25/2005 1:23 am

Yes, I've been to GHz!I go about 2x every other week and have never given or received a BJ. Not interested in giving, but would like to find out where you go. It's been a fantasy of mine since I started going, but all I see, ever, is more horny guys like myself. I'd love to see a woman there. Married, but separated, and she wouldn't like to go, and I wouldn't like to go with her.

9incherandBIwife 47M/50F
10 posts
12/31/2005 4:09 am

We have been to the gloryholes at local bookstore peep shows before ! and love it ! My wife has sucked off 6 or 7 guys there before through the holes ...her pussy was soo wet that it was actually dripping on the floor ! I also saw a couple in one before I met my wife ! an older couple let me come into their booth and the lady was a very sexy older gal with a shaved pussy that was soo plump and tasty... she had a flowered sun dress on that buttoned up in the front ...which she immediately un-did and i began to suck her tits and then kneeled down and and licked her fat bald cunt as i sqeezed her big round soft ass cheeks and shoved her cunt on my face !then i stood up and she sat down on the small bench( it was quite crowded with all three of us in that small booth !)she began to suck my cock as her hubby fondled my balls ! she was wearing glasses that she took off and put on the bench so i could grab her head and really fuck her mouth , I then stood up on the bench and fucked her face for a while ...she was sooo sexy ...she had curly greying blond hair and looked like an older school teacher !then my legs began to get tired so i sat down and she put her leg over mine and i slapped my cock on her cunt and sucked her tits while she suck her hubby for a while ...and he was tickling my balls the whole time as i stroked it against her leg and cunt and ass cheeks ! then she stood up with her hands against the video screen and i got behind her and fucked her doggystyle as her hubby jerked off ....her cunt hole was sooo wet and hot that i couldn't stand it too long and i pulled out and came all over her big round ass ...and then her hubby licked it off of her ass cheeks !! we all got dressed again and situated ...i offer them my number but they declined and said that they just liked doing that there with strangers ! but I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY ! I didn't even get her name ...but she is always fresh in my mind and I still often jerk-off thinking of her ! THANK YOU SWEETIE ! wherever you may be ! so thats another reason that i take my wife there because i know what a thrill it is to actually see a girl at a place like that ! we would love to meet other girls or couples at the gloryholes anytime !

LBFinePisces24 37

1/28/2006 9:17 pm

1. Have you ever been to one? Nope
2. How often do you go? Who knows?
3. Have you ever received a bj from a guy while in a gh booth? No and don't want too.
4. Have you ever given a bj to a guy while in a gh booth? Will never.
5. Are you married? Nope
6. Does your wife know? NA
7. Do you take your wife with you? NA
Hi pdxslut. I was wondering if U could fill me in on anymore info about the whole thing. I only know these as some sorta almost "mythical" gay thing mostly from my teens that were only for gay guys (which I'm not). But I guess you all just have your way all the time, don't you? lol Forget haveing a fattening lunch at McDonalds... U get all the protein U need at lunch time! Yes, however I was wondering if U could fill me in on the scenery. What exactly goes on (step-by-step). Possibly if it costs anything? Also, how is it not considered prostitution? No cost? As well as what is done to prefent VD's, etc. Thanx! ~LB~

sexybud4unyc 54M

7/16/2006 8:52 am

2-not often enough
4- once a married dude and was so hot i blew a load without touching myself
GH action is so hot if anyone knows a hot one in NYC or place str8 or bi men hang let me know ....

rm_NastyGuyPDX 48M
12 posts
10/15/2006 6:12 pm

Never been to one, but want to, never got a BJ from a guy, not my bag, buy ex fiance of four years was transgendered, not the smae, too toothy LOL

rm_Fckmyass2000 51M

1/29/2007 7:39 pm

1) Yes, in a sexshop in Mexico City
2) Not much, I don't know any in the Cleveland area. Does anyone know one?
3) No
4) Yes, then I did jerk him off until he unloaded
5) Yes
6) No
7) No

Vivid_26 42M

1/31/2007 9:08 am

anyone know of any in the NY area? would love to give it a try!

rm_image_1203 38M
1 post
1/31/2007 1:17 pm

wow very cool stories are there any glory holes in phoenix arizona please let me know

rm_paar635 47M/44F

2/1/2007 8:52 am

we love to play in sexstores with gloryhohles!
kisses from frankfurt germany

RoveredoGuy38 50M
2 posts
2/4/2007 12:00 am

where are these places in frankfurt? thanks from mark in italy

RoveredoGuy38 50M
2 posts
2/4/2007 12:06 am

1. Have you ever been to one? lots, for 22 years now
2. How often do you go? almost daily when living near one
3. Have you ever received a bj from a guy while in a gh booth?that is why i go
4. Have you ever given a bj to a guy while in a gh booth?tried a lil, as i was curious
5. Are you married?twice, divorced twice
6. Does your wife know?don't think they knew, who knows
7. Do you take your wife with you?no, but should have
i am stationed in italy and cant wait to get back to the states to get my cock sucked.
also like getting sucked in private booths, leave my door open if booths dont have GH
love getting blown in an open adult theater with lots of guys watching and waiting there chance at my hard cock. love to be rimmed and blown at same time. look forward to hearing other hot stories and watching more hot GH videos

StunkPrimpSabra 50M/49F

2/7/2007 11:22 pm

Any gloryholes in Austin, Tx?

visaliacouple4u 101M/97F
2 posts
2/10/2007 8:13 pm

Hi, My wife & I will be in Vegas Feb 12-15 2007 and would love to find a glory hole can you tell me where they are at?

J & E

knkybitxmn692 45M

2/14/2007 7:04 pm

1. Have you ever been to one? Yes
2. How often do you go? i used to go alot. None local
3. Have you ever received a bj from a guy while in a gh booth? OMG yes
4. Have you ever given a bj to a guy while in a gh booth? YES and let him fuck me
5. Are you married? noppe
6. Does your wife know? GF knew and went too
7. Do you take your wife with you? GF

fem2strpme 44M  
4 posts
2/14/2007 8:24 pm

1. Yes
2. couple times a month
3. several
4. i've just started to try it out.
5. Yes
6. nope.
7. we've been once a long time ago.

TerraEarthGlaze 75M
4 posts
2/17/2007 1:24 pm

Yes, I have in Lake Havasu City, once I caught on to what was going on and had a blow job or two I put my finger up and the hole and low and behold a beautiful cock appeared and I sucked it for the firs time, although I didn't let him cum in my mouth but jacked him to finish him off. The next time I went all the way, It was strange the disire would build up in me to go and see who was there and if they would stick thier cock to be sucked through the hole. I would love to do it again but none close by.

rm_lvtofk268 55M
2 posts
2/17/2007 5:55 pm

I love to hear about glory hole stories. They make me so hot. I love sucking cock and tasting hot sweet cum spurting in my mouth. I have sucked as many as 6 cocks at an adult movie theater in cocoa beach and swallowed every drop. There is also an adult book store in satalite beach where they have booths but no glory holes. In the booths you see guys playing with there cocks while watching a porn movie and they usually let you come in and suck their cocks. Some of them can be very choosey and will turn you down. That's why I like the idea of a glory hole. All you have to do is wait for the next cock to come through the glory hole and I can suck as many cocks as are there. I live in Orlando and wish there was a glory hole close by. My fantasy is to be the only cock sucker there and to have all the guys line up for their daily blow job. Yummmmmmmmmm

rm_MiGroup5 47M
1 post
2/21/2007 9:40 am

Any straight gloryholes in the Boston area??

knkybitxmn692 45M

2/22/2007 4:39 am

go to and join the free sight for most twons acrss the world. you can find gloryhole locations and adult stores. Good luck and let us know how it went

rm_logaro4 61M
1 post
2/25/2007 3:20 pm

Pretty hot stories and I have tried one myself. A guy did me and he knew his stuff. would like to have a woman through a GH anytime. I wonder if there are any in Pueblo, CO

sexyjon4u96 51M
3 posts
3/3/2007 9:13 am

1. Have you ever been to one? Yes
2. How often do you go? often as possible. About once a month
3. Have you ever received a bj from a guy while in a gh booth? Yes
4. Have you ever given a bj to a guy while in a gh booth? Yes
5. Are you married? Yes
6. Does your wife know? No bit I think she suspects I like the occasional mutual suck and wank with a guy!
7. Do you take your wife with you? No No No

rm_sigmund83 56M
1 post
3/22/2007 9:38 am

went once to one in Portland, the best BJ I ever received. Dude on the other end had a MONSTER cock and no about the wife,

rm_abubak2 66M
4 posts
4/9/2007 7:03 pm

I have never been to a gh not that i dont want to just never found one Let me know if theres any around grand rapids michigan

rm_njbihubby69 50M/43F
1 post
4/14/2007 6:08 pm


I'm married now, and out to my wife, yes she has watched me suck cock and I've shared. she's not into playing now so I get my cock sucking jones at the local theatres. Its much hotter than glory hole action, its such a turn on to suck cock with an audience.

hard196969 46M

6/23/2007 6:07 pm

1 yes have been 2 twice a month 3 never a blow job 4never bj but have been tempted 5 yes married 6 no she does not an lets keep it that way 7 nah no girlfriend if i had 1 wouldnt be in a booth with a hole in the wall ! 888888 where is ur favorite hole ? e mail me an we can see what happens

rm_free112145 70M
28 posts
8/27/2007 5:55 pm

. Have you ever been to one?yes
2. How often do you go?1 or 2 a year(wife don't know
3. Have you ever received a bj from a guy while in a gh booth?yes
4. Have you ever given a bj to a guy while in a gh booth?no
5. Are you married?yes
6. Does your wife know?no
7. Do you take your wife with you?no way

bigtex2113 39M

7/1/2008 1:06 am

i got into g holes at age 14 being oversexed with less brains. i wanted to see the pornos soo went to the first booth as i saw my 1st gay anal movie i dropped my shorts as a man stepped into my unlocked booth i kept jacking my self until he .....

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