Whoa Nelly!  

WifedTabbyMares 37
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6/21/2006 10:41 pm
Whoa Nelly!

I just purchased Nelly Furtado's cd off of i-tunes and am glad I did because it is a great album. I must admit to be very skeptical. I thought it was going to be crap because it has been a while between albums for her and I thought that the reason for this was that she had nothing to say. Just an one album hit wonder but she released an album where every track is strong that it could stand on its own as a single. The tone of the album is upbeat and makes me want to get onto my feet and shake it in fact I almost burned my chicken strips because I was enjoying the album so much. Loose is one of the best R&B albums ever because it doesn't fall into the depressing trap of just rehashing the same old heartbreaks that we lose interest. I have noticed the recent trend of female artists bragging about how sexy they and how you want them. Such boosting becomes boring especially after track after track the artist is trying to boost their own esteem. Give me a break! I hear people being critical of everything Canadian as if it is inferior simply because she is a Canadian artist. I will tell you what Nelly is. She is a great artist and you will be hearing praise of her album all through the summer until the year is over. Do not pass on this album because it is great and you will be missing out on miss Nelly.

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