Looters Will Be Shot!!!  

rm_pchamp012004 55M
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9/1/2005 4:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Looters Will Be Shot!!!

As I watch the horrible news out of the Gulf Coast, I am shocked to see pictures of the rampant looting, and even shootings into a police station. With the exception of people taking food, water and maybe blankets, looters should be shot! I know this sounds a bit Bill O'Reillyish, but with innocent people in need, every man-hour that law enforcement has to spend on these cretins is perhaps allowing another innocent to die.

Thanks for listening to my ranting, I will try to be more "PC" in future posts.

itsallfun1957 59M

9/1/2005 6:25 pm

Please do not apologize for your beliefs. you are saying what a majority of people are thinking and I for one agree with you 100%.>>>itsallfun1957

RailBaron2 54M

9/1/2005 6:25 pm

I'm saddened about what the storm did ,but I have to agree with you
Those down there looting & adding to the suffering allready going on down there instead of helping those in need would probably be shot out here if they tried it where I'm at.

wyvernrose 38F
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9/1/2005 7:18 pm

they need to instill a curfew, evacuate the area (as there literally is nothing there for them to do but rebuild and you can't do that at night)

and anyone other than security personnal shot if out after curfew....


Barbiebunny69 43F

9/2/2005 2:14 pm

Its sad very sad.

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

9/2/2005 6:00 pm

It's not only sad ... it's frightening as well ! Yet another tragedy ... turn a blind-eye ... lives are risked and lost ... when will we learn !

rm_pchamp012004 55M
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9/2/2005 6:25 pm

It's sad, frightening, shocking ... I'm riveted to the News every night.

rm_1hotwahine 63F
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9/3/2005 1:45 pm

I asid this in someone else's blog, but am beginning to feel like we're living in the pre-quel to a Mad Max movie. Apologies for the repeated comment, but was relavent here, too.

I'm wondering whether some of the insanity is because people can't blame any one or any group? Not sure whether I believe this, but it just popped into my head.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

your_gypsy 51F

9/6/2005 7:22 pm

yeah! them gol-dang looters ott to be shot, dag mebbit! never mind they lost everything (including the stuff they stole...) and more and were acting out of sheer desperation. they were stranded and left to their own devices, and they were no doubt not using their best wits because they were stealing washing machines -- like where you gonna hook one of those up at a time like this? you've likely never had the experience of being in their situation, thank the good lord. they are human beings, man, not something that you can just train a gun on and pop 'em off if they do something crazy.

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