Boxers Or Briefs  

rm_pchamp012004 55M
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10/10/2005 11:30 am

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10/4/2006 5:04 pm

Boxers Or Briefs

Now, the answer to the age-old question must be answered ... Boxers Or Briefs.

Girls, which do you prefer to see on your guy?

Guys, which do you prefer?

Me? I gotta go with the Briefs as a matter of comfort. I just don't feel right with my stuff swinging to and fro.

BTW, the pic is not me

papyrina 51F
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10/10/2005 12:53 pm

i don't mind what he wears,he prefers briefs for work and those things that are like boxes but tight and more like shorts.

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annie341 56F

10/10/2005 12:56 pm

boxers... my ex wore tight white Calvin Kleins and the least said about him the better

fuckufacedown 46M
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10/10/2005 1:01 pm

boxer briefs is what i wear.. 2 much swinging in boxer, and briefs (a.k.a. tighty whiteys) are for homer simpson... ;0)

007sexy40plus 51F  
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10/10/2005 1:24 pm

Both look pretty sexy. It depends on the man and his level of sexiness but I prefer BOTH

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ThumbChickStool 33F

10/10/2005 1:41 pm

I love my guy in boxer-briefs. Regular briefs look too much like panties to me. I can't imagine boxers as being comfortable, having all that extra fabric under your pants.

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10/10/2005 2:27 pm

boxers are sexy....a man in these look punk panties please!

rm_1SweetBitch 55F
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10/10/2005 2:39 pm

I think briefs look great on you but I prefer my man to go without underclothing. {=}

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caressmewell 53F

10/10/2005 5:12 pm

boxer briefs

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10/10/2005 5:46 pm

I love, love, love boxer briefs. I have yet to meet a man that didn't look good in them.

Briefs just remind me of my Gramps. I know they're practical and some men like to hold their boys tight, but they look like unshiny Speedos.

I like regular cotton boxers too because I can sneak my hand up the leg openings. (Plus I can borrow them to sleep in from time to time.)

lifeisablast333 53M

10/10/2005 6:15 pm

commando style, just flapping in the wind

rm_1hotwahine 63F
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10/10/2005 8:10 pm

Boxer briefs. On the floor. Kicked to the side.

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rm_saintlianna 45F
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10/10/2005 11:36 pm

um, is nothing an option? And why didn't you do the male modeling?

smartmama 58F

10/11/2005 5:49 am

as long as they aren't shiny or black or pink or orange.

i go with commando.

keithcancook 60M
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10/11/2005 7:59 am

Boxers for as long as I can remember...

tillerbabe 55F

10/11/2005 9:25 pm

Let's hand "slips" easily down into briefs....
My hand "slips" easily up into boxers!

Who cares?

PiercedandShaved 37M/41F
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10/12/2005 9:09 am

I mainly wear boxer-briefs on a daily basis for work but other then that I perfer silk boxers.

duststormdiva 51F
6854 posts
10/12/2005 11:27 pm

I prefer commando. No, I prefer boxer briefs, or is it that I like the plain briefs? Wait, then there are the skimpy bikini type, oh but do I like boxers? I do LOVE silk boxers on a man before intimate times. Oh, hell, I like them all as long as they slip off easily.


barbiebunny 36F
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10/13/2005 1:31 pm

Ok the short Calvin Klein Boxer briefs those look hot!

Oy yummmyyyy

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