steam rooms  

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3/26/2006 6:51 am

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steam rooms

I don' know about anyone else but, steam rooms arouse me. The fog in the room, the moist heat, dropplets forming, gathering together running streams down the body, blood rushing to the extreamities.
I allways go in so proper with my hair and body covered with towels. As the heat gets to me I remove the towel from my long blond hair, being careful not to drop the towel that is covering my body. I proceed to fluff my hair and, walk over to the corner to place the towel down on the bench.
There I sit propped up against the wall my long legs before me, hopeing no one will enter the room. Steam surrounds me the heat feels good. Dropets start forming on my brow, slowly they gather together to form streams that run down between my breast.
I loosen the towel that has been wrapped around me, I take a moment to look at my moist breast, slowly my eyes go down and I notice my whole body is glimmering in the wet steam of the room. Blood is rushing to the extremities to cool the body. Every nerve is alive every touch leaves me wanting more. Oh how I wish someone would come in this room and suck on my breast. I reach under the towel to run my hand and fingers over my tits. Before I know it both hands are at work massaging my breast and pulling at my nipples. my tits are hard and my pussy is wanting attention. I slide a finger between my legs to start massaging the clit. The finger works up and down and encirlcles the clit teasting it by going slow then speeding up. My pussy is wet, my tits are hard and I still want more. I slide two fingers inside and work them hard agaist my pussy. Momentarily I stop, I hear someone outside in the hall, are they comming in? is it someone that likes what a steamroom does to their body? will they want to join me? All questions that go through my head as I sit there and play madly with my pussy. They walk on by and I relax. I sit there pulling at my nipples, and rubbing that horny pussy of mine. All of a sudden I slam three fingers inside my puss rubbing hard. I fantasize a woman down between my legs licking me out. Her long tounge going up and down over my clit fucking me hard while jabbing her fingers in and out of my cunt. Her beautiful breast sway teasing me as I wish that I could suck them until she came.

mnmodest 40M/40F

4/19/2006 8:22 pm

I'd enjoy walking in on you

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