Linda does my ex  

rm_pavie_el 58F
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3/17/2006 10:58 am

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Linda does my ex

My ex is a truck driver. And I just cant help but thinking how much I would love to see another women go down on him, in the bunk of his truck. Him sitting there with a lovely lady on her knees sucking his dick.
I walk in the cab and the first thing I see are high heels, beautiful long legs. and a lovely ass. I peer in father and see long black hair moving between his legs. He tells me this is Linda she turns to me and smiles and goes back to work on his dick. I watch her move up and down his shaft the sight of her lips going over his dick is starting to excite me. She holds his dick moving her hand up and down while she sucks at his lovely dick. I reach over and rub at his nipples, he moans, his body jerks. I kiss his cheek and move down to suck at his nipples.
Linda looks so lovely, her bracelet and earrings catching glimmers of light as she moves over my lovers cock. I reach down to fondle her nipples they feel like little buttons in my hand. I get down beside her to massage her breast, to my surprise they are pleasantly plump. I run one hand over her back, still paying attention to the pretty button in my hand, I massage her ass. She moans while I play with her back side, her skin so soft, and she feels so good. I lean over her to find her clit, its wet I begin to encircle her pussy with my hand, while she is still giving head to my lover. I pat her little pussy a few times and dig in with my finger over here clit. Suddenly she stops giving head and turns and kisses me full on the mouth, our tongues entwine around each others. My pussy is on fire she throws me to the floor spreads my legs and begins tongue fucking me in front of my ex. I lay there pulling at my nipples my pussy can't get enough of her tongue. I grab her head and pull it into me, suck that pussy baby. My hips grinding against her face, it feels so good having her go down on me. Just then my ex brings his cock to my mouth and I begin to suck his cock. I reach up and grab his balls with one hand and hold my ladies head with the other. She begins to put her fingers up my cunt while licking my pussy, he is playing with my tits. Oh fuck me, my body stiffens and I begin my first orgasm. My body grabbing onto my ladies fingers as my pussy ruptures around her mouth.
I ask her to fuck the old man. I watched from behind as she lowered herself onto his dick. She pumped his penis as I watched those pussy lips go over his dick. Her breast bouncing, they looked so pretty I had to suck them to. I got on his face, lick my pussy, and he did, I leaned over and started to suck those lovely breast of hers until see came.

discoal1025 61M
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3/18/2006 5:45 am

Another nice little tale. Great writing sexy lady. You have me fantasizing about being the man in this one. Keep up the great writing. disco (Al)

hansum_strangrr 47M
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3/23/2006 4:56 pm

How does someone find a woman that is that into enjoying the moment? I am impressed by the detail in which you write about your passion. I too found myself wishing I was the trucker. I could almost taste you on my lips. I'll be waiting for another installment... or you could email me for a private session.

Everybody Dies, Not Everyone Really Lives.

YawlsFleasSeeps 43F
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4/24/2007 8:43 am

Great story, so sexy and erotic. I got so wet reading it, that I am going to go use my vibrator.

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