rm_paulus247 39M
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10/22/2005 7:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Thanks, to the lady (Letsgetdown73)who mailed me today. It is nice to be appreciated.

If ladies mail me, i will try and mail them back, it just depends on the points situation.

(Just in case your wondering, i am not a poseur. On this site you have to make an impression and i am definately not putting my face on this site. If someone copied my photo, they could use it for anything!!)


bella_ 47F
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10/25/2005 6:31 pm

And you have a wonderful photo indeed!

rm_paulus247 39M
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10/27/2005 1:06 pm

WOW !!
Thanks Bella !! Judging by size of your unofficial fan club, i don't know where you got the time to reply to me.
I know my Blog is a bit boring. At some stage i will get around to making it more.... interesting. Look forward to your next post.

Ciao bambino

letsgetdown1973 43F

10/29/2005 2:42 am

Paul your more than welcome

rm_paulus247 39M
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10/29/2005 3:39 pm


Nice lingerie!

(Princess Lips)

11/4/2005 4:16 pm

yummy torso babe


rm_paulus247 39M
301 posts
11/5/2005 6:27 am

Thankyou cherry lipz.

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