Am i going mad, or am i just mad anyway ??  

rm_paulus247 39M
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12/19/2005 4:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Am i going mad, or am i just mad anyway ??


When i go road running, i am on my own and it is usually dark, and wet. If i see somebody on their own, and they are not looking at me, i like to blow a big loud


at them and quickly look away. This is more fun when they are drunk- they don't know WTF is going on. It does help to keep me going though when i am climbing the steep roads.

But, what the hell does this say about me ??

If i am going mad or i'm already there, what do i do to stop being mad ??

rm_jynxgurl 30F
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12/19/2005 6:54 pm

ummm, whats road running exactly? and why do you do it? to keep in shape?

as for your question, EVERYONE IS INSANE!!! some people just have more self control than others. but that can get boring so its good to break out and act insane every once in a while. keeps you sane in the long run lol acting insane to stay sane, questionable isn't it? but it does work!! and i hear acting out of the norm is a stress reliever too. probably one of the reasons you get as much enjoyment out of it as you do!!

frangipanigal 45F
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12/19/2005 8:22 pm

Mr PM,

YES you are quite mad....but at least your a Happy mad not a Sad mad...(does that make sense).

Want to watch some cricket??

Frangi xx

tillerbabe 56F

12/19/2005 10:03 pm

You're mad...definitely MAD!!! {=}

rm_paulus247 39M
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12/20/2005 10:36 am


Damn, thats it then, i'm officially mad.
What do i do now ??

Help !

rm_jynxgurl 30F
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1/3/2006 6:41 pm

hehe join my club of insanity of course!!

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