A way to end the day....  

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1/19/2006 6:46 am

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A way to end the day....

We love nylons and pantyhose...just yesterday I wore a pair of nylons to work under a short black skirt. I had on heels and a red silk blouse. My boyfriend did not see me before I left for work so I decided to surprise him. Before I new he was going to be taking his lunch I called his cell phone and left him a very naughty message, with full detail of what I was wearing and what I intended to do to him when he came to pick me up from work. I knew he would get a chubby after hearing this, plus the anticipation of seeing me in heels and nylons all day would mean that when he picked me up from work he would be so horny he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off me. As I work diligently through the day, full of anticipation of feeling my b/f run his hands all over my legs was really starting to turn me on...I could feel my nylons getting wet. I also noticed that a small hole around my cotton panel had started to develop as the day progressed. Finally the clock nearing 6, just a few short minutes until he picks me up...He comes into my office after all my employees had left for the day....I did not notice him enter as I was working on some final documents for the day....He comes up behind me...startles me..leans down and whispers in my ear...you naughty girl, I got your message..slowly his hands are finding there way down the front of my blouse...as he is still whispering in my ear...he ask...are you wet? I tell him yes...his hands rubbing and caressing my breast while he is kissing on my neck..slowly unbuttoning my shirt, he spins me around in my chair. He leans down brings his face closer to mine and says let me feel how wet you are baby....I spread my legs for him and he kneels down in front of me. He slides my skirt up a little over my knees...rubbing on my nyloned legs, kissing them and caressing them...as he brings his face closer to my hot wet pussy. He can feel the heat radiating from my pussy. Gently, he runs his face over my cotton panel, taking in the smell of all my wetness...licking me up and down through the cotton panel. Then he finds that little hole that had been developing throughout the day. He takes his finger and slides it in the hole and starts ripping the nylons away so he can get to my love tunnel. The sound of the nylons ripping is making me even more wetter..by now I am so hot and wet I just want his cock buried deep inside my pussy. I tell him to fuck me...and fuck me now. He does as told and lifts me up to the desk as he undoes his pants and slides his already hard cock into me...it feels so damn good, I am so horny and wet..It only takes me a few seconds to cum...I scream and yell OMG...yes fuck me....the sensations of us both cumming was so intense. Sex on my desk is the best...I cant wait until he picks me up next week...

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7/21/2006 9:33 am

This is a great story!! Take it from another person who shares your pantyhose fetish!

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