how to speak gibberish  

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9/14/2005 9:11 pm

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how to speak gibberish

Long, long ago, in seventh grade English class, we learned how to speak Gibberish. Hethegi, hethegow ethegare yethegou? (Hi, how are you?) Methegy nethegame ethegis ______. (My name is ____.) Cethegan yethegou spethegeak Gethegibbethegerethegish tethegoo? (Can you speak gibberish too?)

You can. It's easy. Ethegeasethegy. Insert "etheg" prior to each vowel *sound.* Silent vowels do not count. Two vowels together which combine for only one sound, such as with "EAsy," count as one. Neighboring vowels which are pronounced in different syllables count separately. Thus, "cafeteria" would be cethegafethegethethegrethegiethega.

With a little practice, you and your friends will not only be speaking Gibberish, you will be writing Gibberish too! Don't change the spelling of the word but pronounce it correctly. Don't insert apostrophes, they make it too easy to read. Hethegave fethegun!

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