Spent Saturday night at 4th street live  

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6/19/2005 11:22 am

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Spent Saturday night at 4th street live

I danced till I was so tired. I had worked 10 hours in my modeling job and now dancing. I met this nice black man who could really dance. We had fun. At about midnight we decided to go to his place. He lived on 4th street down by the University of Louisville. We went in and he made us a drink and we sit on the sofa and chated. Finalily we got around to some kissing and heavy petting. And he got me out of my dress and I got him out of his clothes and we had about an hour of heaving fucking. Then several of his friends showed up and I was servicing them all. It was great! I must have cum at least 20 times. We got tried and fell asleep about 4 am. When I woke up there about bodies laying everywhere, I counted 8. I knew why my asshole and pussy hurt. I really do love black cock. I must be excepted because they said I could call them my niggars.

rm_qcao1 48F
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6/19/2005 3:41 pm

Sounds like you had very good time, good for you.
Just make sure you have plenty of condoms and do not run out of them in the middle.

I would not have guts to do what you did, not with strangers. I would not be able to relax enough to enjoy the moment thinking about their STD status

Be safe.

rm_notHimbuthim 34M

7/9/2005 10:54 am

well im me if you need it

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