rm_pa1man2 58M
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8/22/2006 4:30 am

things i know.
1. What i what to do here is immoral and i know this but i still need to do it.
2.BBW always ask if you like them never been with one but i know for sure what is inside that matters the most.
3.When i have sex i try to make my partner so honry that they can not stand it.( you must know it has been over 4 years since i have beable to do this to the wife.)forplay is the best i love slowly giving my partner pleasure.
4. i like to start with a shower or baby oil. if the shower you clean each other allowing you to gently rub your hands over their whole body. and wash their hair so you get to play with the hair and rub the scalp. the baby oil allows you to do the same thing to gently rub your hands over thier whole body and while having sex it adds pleasure because how your bodys slide on each other.
5.oral is great the only way to go next tits ears back neck lips kissing clit where ever she gets joy and the hand on nipples and rub the g spot while licking clit. the more joy i give her the more the honrier i get.
6. medium dick but have learned other ways to make women cum more then once if they want.have belly but it is from kidneys being enlarged.
7. well this should all give you a small veiw of my world.

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